Mother & daughter duo join the cast of “Nellie”

Deanna Sherman, and her daughter, Brenna, join the cast of “Nellie,” playing wife and daughter to the lead, John.

“I am always drawn to productions where I can share the screen or film with my own child,” said Deanna, who, herself, has been acting since age 6. Her recent credits includes supporting roles in the 2016 Sundance film, “The Land,” soon to be on Netflix horror film “6,” and Netflix feature, “The Horse Dancer.” She’s also had lead roles on several shows on the Investigation Discovery channel including “Homicide Hunter” and “Evil Twins.”

“I love watching Brenna grow,” said Deanna of her daughter, who’s been acting and modeling since she was 3-years-old. Brenna’s credits include supporting roles in thriller, “Clovehitch” playing Dylan McDermott’s daughter, “A Walk With Grace” with Jason London and Stephen Baldwin and horror film “6,” which has a deal with Netflix.

“This particular project is a challenge for us both because neither of us has had to do an accent yet,” said Deanna. “We have been practicing and it’s nice to be able to learn something new together!”

Nellie begins production in March of 2018.

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