Tyler Evans and Eric Toulouse join TTP cast, adding humor and hockey skills

Tyler Evans, l, as “Cots,” and Eric Toulouse as “Chary” in the feature-length film, THE THIRD PERIOD.

COLUMBUS (OH) ~ Actors, and hockey players, Tyler Evans and Eric Toulouse, join THE THIRD PERIOD feature-length film cast as “Cots” and “Chary,” respectively, teammates of lead Mike Olsky and the comedy relief in this gritty hockey drama.

“I think this film will help bring positive attention, in my opinion to one of the best sports in the world,” said Toulouse, who grew up in Canada, where hockey was a way of life. “This is a sport that requires the players to have the hand eye coordination of a baseball player, the physicality of a football game, foot skills of a soccer player, the hands of a boxer, and who could forget the speed which is unmatched by any other sport. All this on ice.”

Plus, as a current Ohioan, it gives Toulouse one other opportunity: “I am proud to show how great of a hockey town Columbus really is.”

The film follows aging hockey star Mike Olsky as he reaches the end of his career only to get injured. He faces multiple challenges before facing the ultimate challenge of bringing his team together and trying to win the championship.

“This shows more off-the-ice problems, which get overlooked by the average fan or young athlete,” said Evans. “It shows how the athlete is still a human and has to deal with life in general.”

It also looks at the game of ice hockey itself, interspersing off-the-ice scenes with on-the-ice scenes and telling the story through game and competition ~ a huge draw for Toulouse.

“I immediately knew I had to try to be part of it,” he said. “Getting a chance to get on the ice with a great cast and some great former NHL players, was an opportunity that I could not let pass me by.”

Evans and Toulouse were just two of 35 actors and actresses invited to audition for the film in May 2018 in Columbus. The audition encompassed both an in-person acting audition and then an on-ice audition.

“I thought it was by far the best experience I have had thus far in my acting career,” said Evans. “Just being able to meet the actors, creators, and producers was great. To play with everyone on the ice and get to feel like a team helped with connections on and off the ice making it easier to become a character and feel the project versus just reading lines; it shows the true you and how you fit.”

It was also an opportunity for those who dreamt of playing in the NHL to get tips from the pros.

“Being able to not only talk with former NHL players but also get on the ice with them was an awesome experience,” said Toulouse. “Getting the opportunity to pick their brain and get a few much-needed tips, is an experience that I never dreamed could happen as a kid or an adult.”

Toulouse said he’s also excited to be part of something historic, as THE THIRD PERIOD will be the first feature-length film in U.S. history to be written and directed by a woman, former Columbus Blue Jackets reporter and award-winning writer Steph (Greegor) west.

“I think it’s great for a couple reasons: One, I get to be part of something that’s never been done,” said Toulouse. “Second, I think that our director Steph (Greegor) West has a great understanding of the game and its players. She also has done a great job surrounding herself with great hockey minds, and I can’t wait to see her vision on screen.”

But mostly, Toulouse is ready to get on the ice with his fellow “Bash Brother,” and sink into his role as Chary, as he and Evans provide some “comic relief” to the gritty drama. Evans couldn’t agree more.

“I love being the loud mouth! Trying to get people motivated and get people going. I always am trying to bring the energy to the highest point I can,” said Evans of his role. “The overall casting was exciting to see for me as I grew up a HUGE hockey fan. I always wanted to play in the NHL one day; as I grew older and my interests were more in acting and my hockey skills were not as advanced as most kids in the sport, I decided to play for the love of the game and focus on acting.”

To learn more contact Steph West at stephaniewestinc@gmail.com.

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