Tinuke Adetunji joins the TTP cast as “Paige;” says we need “more hockey films”

Adetnuke AdetunjiCOLUMBUS (OH) ~ Actress Tinuke Adetunji joins THE THIRD PERIOD feature-length film cast as “Paige,” hockey player and best friend to “Ana Olsky,” daughter of lead “Mike Olsky,” in this gritty hockey drama.

“Hockey is honestly what drew me to this film,” said Adetunji of the script. “I’ve always been a low key fan of hockey and I’ve always had the thought in my head of ‘How cool would it be if I was a hockey player in a movie?'”

Adetunji was one of 35 actors and actresses invited to audition for the film in May 2018 in Columbus. The audition encompassed both an in-person acting audition and then an on-ice audition.

Although Adetunji admits she’d never played “real” hockey before the auditions, she’s excited to accept the challenge of getting on the ice as a hockey player.

“I can truthfully say, this opportunity to play the character, Paige, is a dream come true,” she said.

The film follows aging hockey star Mike Olsky as he reaches the end of his career only to get injured. He faces multiple challenges before facing the ultimate challenge of bringing his team together and trying to win the championship.

“I think we need more hockey films,” said Adetunji. “So many other sports are in the limelight for major films and I think it would be nice to see more hockey movies.”

In the interim, Adetunji is looking forward to getting into character.

“I’m super excited to bring life to Paige and to build chemistry with Ana.”

To learn more contact Steph West at stephaniewestinc@gmail.com.

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