Spencer Kingsley joins The Third Period cast as lead’s son

DSC_0196-4COLUMBUS (OH) ~ Actor Spencer Kingsley, 11, joins THE THIRD PERIOD feature-length film cast as “Johnny Olsky,” son of lead “Mike Olsky,” in this gritty hockey drama.

“The script is absolutely amazing. I read the whole thing with my mom in just a couple of days,” said Kingsley. “Every time we stopped and took a break, I couldn’t wait to get back to it again! I loved all the different story lines that were going on throughout the whole script. Stories of tragedy and triumph are always good and uplifting. It made me tear up in a few different places when I was reading it. I can’t wait to see it come to life.”

Kingsley was one of 35 actors and actresses invited to audition for the film in May 2018 in Columbus. The audition encompassed both an in-person acting audition and then an on-ice audition, though Kingsley’s character isn’t a hockey player so he only did the in-person audition.

“The audition process was fun, but scary at the same time. I really wanted the part, but I didn’t know if I would get cast or not so I was nervous,” said Kingsley. “The trip to Columbus in May was awesome. I got to meet a lot of really nice people who were auditioning for the film and I really liked meeting Steph (Greegor) West, too. She was super nice and she even gave everyone a Swag Bag at the call backs!”

Kinglsey laughed that he thought the swag bag had an actual cell phone in it ~ it was a cell phone case.

“My mom laughed so hard at me,” he said. “After I got back home from auditions, I got creative and put some of my Legos in my cool new phone case to make it look like I have a phone and so I can pretend to text and look cool with my awesome new case!”

The film follows Mike Olsky, an aging hockey star, as he reaches the end of his career only to get injured. He faces multiple challenges before confronting the ultimate challenge of bringing his team together and trying to win the championship.

“There are so many true hockey players and professionals associated with this film that I can’t wait until we start shooting the hockey scenes so I can see them all play,” said Kingsley. “It will be such an amazing experience. I am really looking forward to getting to work with all of them.”

Kingsley said he’s also excited to work with a female director.

“She is working so hard to get this project up and running,” he said. “She has even organized a weekend for all of us lead actors to meet in Columbus this September to start running scenes, to have dinner together and even volunteer with the Columbus Ice Hockey Club. It will be an amazing weekend for all of us to get to know each other and help develop our rapport so that it shows on screen. I am so excited about this whole opportunity and getting to work with Steph. She will be an amazing female director.”

To learn more contact Steph West at stephaniewestinc@gmail.com.

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