Eleven One Productions is seeking two teenage girls (able to play 15-16-year-old girls) for a pilot treatment. Deferred pay for treatment; contingent on series pick-up. Travel at own expense. One day of work.

JAX, 15 (LEAD FEMALE): High emotional IQ, volleyball player, whip smart, clever and witty, more emotional of the two best friends. Middle-of-the-road character; not the most popular or the least popular, but friends with everyone.

JONAH, 15 (SECOND LEAD FEMALE): VERY sarcastic character, funny, quick wit, beloved. Allergic to emotion. Her only friend is her best friend, JAX. Not middle-of-the-road, not anything; no one really knows her and she’s completely good with that. Volleyball player because Jax is a volleyball player. Completely lovable. Cat personality.

Send head shot and resume to stephaniewestinc@gmail.com if interested no later than March 28.


Eleven One Productions is currently casting for a short, inspirational film titled “CYNISCA REBORN,” for festival run. Tentatively scheduled to film May 14-17, 2020. PAID. Non-union preferred, but will consider union. For consideration, please submit reel and resume to the production team at rebornproductionteam@gmail.com. Subject Line: CYNISCA REBORN | {Role your interested}. Send by Oct. 10, 2019, for consideration for audition.

Roles and breakdowns below.



Male lead. 30-40, tall, lean. Caucasian or Asian. Non-union preferred, but will consider union.

Necessary skills: Must be athletic. Personal training experience preferred. Paid.

Randall is a family man with a genuine care and concern for his aging grandma who just relocated to Ohio from California. At 90, she’s starting to feel a little down, depressed, and separated from a life she used to know. Randall is a personal trainer and former pro baseball player who believes an active lifestyle can help overcome the blues. Knowing his grandma used to bowl, he comes to her with a unique idea on how to improve her mood and life.



Female lead. 75 to 90. Very thing, somewhat frail-looking. Caucasian or Asian. Non-union preferred, but will consider union. Paid.

Necessary skills: Must be able to bowl or be able to throw a bowling ball down the lane.

Ginny is a feisty lady with a heart of gold who is feeling blue since leaving California for Ohio. Her health has started to deteriorate and she’s feeling her age, as well as the isolation that can come with it. She’s grumpy from the move and wanting to go back when her grandson, Randall, comes to her with a unique idea on how she can improve and life.



Second female lead. 24-35. “Comely,” and lean. Caucasian or Asian. Non-union preferred, but will consider union. Paid.

Jillian is a kind, easy-going woman who supports her husband. She’s not afraid to give him a little guff over ideas she doesn’t think are clever, but overall will support him in what he does. She doesn’t quite buy into the idea he’s selling his grandma, but when she sees Ginny’s reaction and agreement to the idea, she watches with a raised eyebrow as the plan unfolds.



Any age, any ethnicity. 1-4 speaking lines. Non-union. Paid.



Any age, any ethnicity. 1-4 speaking lines. Non-union. Paid.



Any age, any ethnicity. Possibility for speaking lines. Non-union. Paid.



Any age, any ethnicity. No speaking lines. Non-union. Gift card for work.




Eleven One Production’s new short film, “Cynisca Reborn,” is seeking four actors for a table read on Sunday, Aug. 25, from 1 to 3 p.m., in Upper Arlington. $25 Paid.

Actor Descriptions:

  1. Actor, male, any ethnicity, 30-40 years-old
  2. Actor, female, any ethnicity, 30-40 years old
  3. Actor, female, any ethnicity, 60-75 years old
  4. Actor, male or female, any age, to read pick-up parts

Email Producer Steph Greegor at sgreegor@live.com with resume and photo.


Eleven One Productions is currently casting for an actress (union or nonunion), any ethnicity, 38-50-years-old, for a paid dramatic role in a SAG low-budget, short film (less than 10 minutes in length) shooting Aug. 11 only, with rehearsal on Aug. 10, in Columbus, Ohio. Will be submitted in multiple film festivals.

Please send your reel, head shot, and resume to sgreegor@live.com ASAP.

CASTING IS NOW CLOSED except for hockey players interested in being extras or stunt men in the film. Hockey players can submit as noted below:

Directions for Submitting:

Email to submit: elevenone@elevenoneproductions.com

Subject line of Email: The Third Period | Hockey Player

Body of Email: Include your hockey experience


An aging hockey star must battle his way back from injury and addiction to win big in the third period of his life.

Eleven One Productions is currently casting for the role of “Receptionist” in its upcoming production “Revenge Inc.” A one day shoot in late February. Union and nonunion actors welcome for this paid role.

RECEPTIONIST DESCRIPTION: Female, 20s, any ethnicity.

Please send resume with subject line “Revenge Inc – Receptionist” to elevenone@elevenoneproductions.com