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COLUMBUS – Eleven One Productions, a small production company in Columbus, Ohio, has selected “Toys for Tots” for its 2019 giving pledge.

Since it’s beginning in 2015, Eleven One has chosen at least one charity per year to provide services, assistance, or fundraising. Past recipients have included the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio, First Responders Face-Off Foundation, and the Columbus Ice Hockey Club. This year adds the celebrated Toys for Tots program, operated by the United States Marine Corps Reserve. Last year, Lima Company was able to provide more than 41,000 toys to almost 14,000 children in Central Ohio.

This year, Eleven One partnered with Arlington Pointe Apartments in Upper Arlington, Ohio. Now through Dec. 12, bring a new, unwrapped toy for a child of any age, to the Arlington Pointe leasing office in Upper Arlington (2555 Shore Line Dr.) and help us help the Marines give Central Ohio kids a great Christmas morning.

For more information visit Toys for Tots.


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COLUMBUS (Oct. 2019) – Columbus-based Producer and Director Steph Greegor was recently accepted into the Sundance Institute’s Collab producing course and will finish in December.

“The Sundance Institute offers so many opportunities for emerging artists, particularly women, in a variety of ways, from its fountainhead festival to labs and fellowships,” said Greegor, who has produced two short films, of which Olsky was festival-accepted and Emmy-nominated, and Revenge, Inc., is currently in post-production. “For them to offer this additional layer of education through the Sundance Collab initiative shows their dedication and commitment to diverse voices having opportunities to be heard from all areas of the world.”

Greegor is one of 34 applicants from across the world accepted into the online course run by storied producer Karin Chien and 2018 Independent Spirit Piaget Producer’s Award recipient Summer Shelton. Shelton will…








Eleven One Productions is currently casting for a short, inspirational film titled “CYNISCA REBORN,” for festival run. Tentatively scheduled to film May 14-17, 2020. PAID. Non-union preferred, but will consider union. For consideration, please submit reel and resume to the production team at Subject Line: CYNISCA REBORN | {Role your interested}. Send by Oct. 10, 2019, for consideration for audition.

Roles and breakdowns below.



Male lead. 30-40, tall, lean. Caucasian or Asian. Non-union preferred, but will consider union.

Necessary skills: Must be athletic. Personal training experience preferred. Paid.

Randall is a family man with a genuine care and concern for his aging grandma who just relocated to Ohio from California. At 90, she’s starting to feel a little down, depressed, and separated from a life she used to know. Randall is a personal trainer and former pro baseball player who believes an active lifestyle can help overcome the blues. Knowing his grandma used to bowl, he comes to her with a unique idea on how to improve her mood and life.



Female lead. 75 to 90. Very thing, somewhat frail-looking. Caucasian or Asian. Non-union preferred, but will consider union. Paid.

Necessary skills: Must be able to bowl or be able to throw a bowling ball down the lane.

Ginny is a feisty lady with a heart of gold who is feeling blue since leaving California for Ohio. Her health has started to deteriorate and she’s feeling her age, as well as the isolation that can come with it. She’s grumpy from the move and wanting to go back when her grandson, Randall, comes to her with a unique idea on how she can improve and life.



Second female lead. 24-35. “Comely,” and lean. Caucasian or Asian. Non-union preferred, but will consider union. Paid.

Jillian is a kind, easy-going woman who supports her husband. She’s not afraid to give him a little guff over ideas she doesn’t think are clever, but overall will support him in what he does. She doesn’t quite buy into the idea he’s selling his grandma, but when she sees Ginny’s reaction and agreement to the idea, she watches with a raised eyebrow as the plan unfolds.



Any age, any ethnicity. 1-4 speaking lines. Non-union. Paid.



Any age, any ethnicity. 1-4 speaking lines. Non-union. Paid.



Any age, any ethnicity. Possibility for speaking lines. Non-union. Paid.



Any age, any ethnicity. No speaking lines. Non-union. Gift card for work.


COLUMBUS—Eleven One Productions is pleased to announce its podcast “Hollywood Rewrite” is now live with its inaugural episode, “Episode 0: Pacific Rim.”

Listen to it here.

Regular hosts include Producer, Writer, Director Steph Greegor, PVD cast host John Orlando, and film buff Amanda Thorpe. Each episode features a special guest.

“Hollywood Rewrite” is dedicated to “rewriting” some of Hollywood’s favorite (for better or worse!) films, from top-grossing to indie, and any genre in between. This crew of film buffs analyzes the film, then explains how they would make it different.

Subscribe to the YouTube channel to join the conversation.

Ryan-Jaroncyk-1COLUMBUS—Eleven One Productions has acquired the short film script “Cynisca Reborn,” from Columbus-based screenwriter Ryan Jaroncyk, who based the inspirational script off his grandmother, Virginia Sterkel, who won an Olympic gold medal in bowling at the senior Olympics.

“I witnessed firsthand how inspiring my Grandma was to so many people during her last several years of life,” said Jaroncyk of why he wrote the screenplay.

Jaroncyk said he felt like he owed it to his late mother, “to help her finish the job she had started before she died in a tragic accident.”

“I thought the story might give people hope, no matter their difficulties or limitations in life,” he said, adding, “I played a fairly significant role in helping take care of my late paternal and maternal grandmothers.”

Jaroncyk, who’s written or co-written around six or so screenplays, said he’s looking forward to seeing his grandmother’s life come to life on screen and learning the production process.

“I’m kind of shocked this is happening. So much of screenwriting is facing and dealing with rejection,” said Jaroncyk. “But I am very excited and extremely grateful to Steph (Greegor, Producer) for taking a shot on this story. I know it’s in good hands.”

Production is set for the spring of 2020. Learn more here.




Eleven One Production’s new short film, “Cynisca Reborn,” is seeking four actors for a table read on Sunday, Aug. 25, from 1 to 3 p.m., in Upper Arlington. $25 Paid.

Actor Descriptions:

  1. Actor, male, any ethnicity, 30-40 years-old
  2. Actor, female, any ethnicity, 30-40 years old
  3. Actor, female, any ethnicity, 60-75 years old
  4. Actor, male or female, any age, to read pick-up parts

Email Producer Steph Greegor at with resume and photo.

COLUMBUS – “Behind the Puck,”  a podcast featuring interviews and content around the production of the feature film “The Third Period,” including hockey players, as well as cast and crew from the film, is now live and can be heard on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify.

The podcast, produced by Eleven One Productions and John Orlando of the PVDcast, will feature a new episode every third Thursday of the month. It’s hosted by CD102.5’s morning jockey Brian Phillips and Orlando, with guest hosts and former Columbus Blue Jackets’ players R.J. Umberger and Sean Pronger.

Listen to Episode 0 now, which is an introduction to the podcast and features conversation on hockey, the making of the film, and future episodes.

You can subscribe to the YouTube channel here.

For more information, contact Producer Steph Greegor at