Dianna Craig
Dianna Craig, shown here in promotional photos for Eleven One Productions’ upcoming short film, “Nellie,” sold her first script to EOP this month. It was also the first script acquisition for Eleven One.

COLUMBUS ~ Eleven One Productions is pleased to announce its first script acquisition from Dianna Craig, a Columbus-based actress and screenwriter, who spent a decade in New York City before making her way to Columbus.

“Revenge Inc.,” is Craig’s first script sale. The short script, a suspense, will begin production in early 2018. Eleven One Productions owner and director Steph Greegor will helm the film.

“I’ve gotten to know Steph through work on other projects, to the point that I trusted her enough to share the script,” said Craig. “Her creative vision for the project was very much in line with my own…I felt the story was ‘safe’ with her.”

The short film, which examines the “volatile, payback culture” we live in, will feature Craig in its lead role.

“I originally wrote the script as a vehicle for myself as an actress, so the biggest key contract point was that I would be cast in the lead role,” said Craig, who, as a female screenwriter, continues to create work for herself as an actor. “As a FEMALE screenwriter, based on what I’m making me do and say, I’m way more angry than I ever realized, about how difficult it can be for women to safely navigate their own lives.”

“Revenge” looks to answer questions such as “What do we deserve when we make mistakes? And what counts as a redeemable mistake versus intentional damaging behavior?” said Craig. “I’m proud of the concept and the execution of it. I worked hard on this script, went through multiple drafts, and finally arrived at a finished product I’m excited to share.”

Craig is a self-described “Army brat,” whose childhood saw her living in Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Kentucky, before she moved to New York and studied acting as an adult. She has earned roles in multiple films and commercial projects and is represented by Heyman Talent. Craig is currently polishing two feature-length scripts and will star in Eleven One’s upcoming short film, “Nellie.”

Eleven One Productions is based in Columbus, Ohio, and has produced two short films with two films in production. The short film “Olsky,” directed by Greegor, is a festival-accepted, Emmy-nominated, short starring Aaron Massey. Learn more at www.elevenoneproductions.com.


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Aaron Sinclair

Bowling Green State University alum Aaron Sinclair joins the cast of “Nellie” as its antagonist, Grayson, a disconnected sociopath who sends the short film’s lead characters on Hero Journeys all their own.

“Grayson drew himself to me, versus the other way around,” said Sinclair, who spent time reading multiple roles within the screenplay, but ultimately ended up as the villain. “I’m excited because I don’t get to play the bad guy enough. It’ll be nice to slip into something more menacing…I don’t think of myself as a particularly menacing individual. Though I do hear I have a tremendous case of ‘resting-bitch-face’ so maybe there is something to that.”

Sinclair, a SAG-eligible actor and writer, said it was “the feel” of the script and its “sense of place,” that drew him in.

“I get a strong vibe of deep south, sweaty nights, humidity. Something about the tone or the language exudes imprisonment,” said Sinclair, whose BGSU degree is a BFA in Creative Writing. “I haven’t worked in that ‘space’ before, so I definitely wanted to be a part of that world building.”

It’s a very dark world and a very dark character, one Sinclair said ultimately considers himself the “only ‘human’ in his world.”

“All the other players are simply utilities. I’ll have to click into a frame of reference that delves worse than ‘I don’t care’ when it comes to the other people in the scene. I’ll have to find that place of numb selfishness,” said Sinclair. “Or maybe the same place a gamer goes in a console RPG where you are the only real character and the game characters are just interactive window dressing. They feel nothing, so you can do anything to them.

“I frankly think we all have the proclivity to dehumanize, to some extent or another,” said Sinclair, who’s currently pursuing an MBA in IT Management from Western Governors University. “I just need to be comfortable exploiting mine.”

Sinclair said prepping for the role will start with the script itself.

“What do others say about him, what do I say about others, what do I say about myself? What can I glean about the tone of the character juxtaposed to the script? How does that jack into my own personality?”

And then once he gets “that kernel of an idea locked into my brain, the ‘why’ of the lines, I’ll work dialect to sort out approaches of the ‘how,'” he said. “One thing I have noticed already is an instinctual detachment from Nellie on a pronoun level. My brain doesn’t think ‘her,’ it thinks ‘it’. So, it is super amusing when ‘it’ has a name. Like naming a pair of jeans, it’s absurd.”

And absurdity, as well as some degree of dark humor is threaded throughout the script. Sinclair said the audience will feel a range of emotions, but his focus is on how he wants them to react to Grayson.

“I’d like the audience to bounce between being slightly comfortable with the guy to disturbed,” said Sinclair. “As an actor, I don’t think that he is funny. I don’t think the character himself thinks he is ha-ha funny. I think he uses humor as another tool to project power. Others laugh out of fear, and that is just fine to Grayson. He might entertain himself with others misery, but he is no jokester.”

Sinclair has appeared in SRO Theatre Company’s “The Lion in Winter” as Henry II, Third Lows Productions’ feature film “The Passion of Paul Ross” as Party Man, and commercial work for Kemba Financial Credit Union. He is represented by CAM Talent out of Grandview, Ohio.

Nellie begins filming in March 2018.



nellie 6

Detroit-native Brian Bowman, who starred in feature films “Madtown” and “478,” joins the cast of “Nellie” as the tough, but forgiving Sheriff of a small, southern town in the United States. Bowman, who now resides in Columbus, said he’s played a cop or police officer in multiple projects, but this is the first time, “I actually get to give my police character some depth.”

“I’m excited to see just how far I can take this character,” said the devoted husband, father of four and grandfather of seven. He added he’s looking forward to the challenge that the location of the script offers.

“It takes place in a southern atmosphere so I’m excited about that challenge due to me being raised in the Midwest,” Bowman said. Plus, “being a horror writer, I loved the thriller aspect of this script.”

Bowman, who is also a manager, head writer and CFO for Black Jack Entertainment Agency, said prepping the role starts with studying notes from the director then “I close my eyes and envision the scenes. Usually when I do this I get a scene playing in my head with famous actors playing the parts. Whoever I envisioned playing my character is who I pattern the role after.

“This character is not too dark, yet he knows the secrets and darkness of the entire town,” said Bowman, a graduate of John Casablanca Modeling and Talent Management. “So to be able to wrangle such a town with that much darkness, then he has to basically be fearless and not opposed to going into a dark place himself.”

The key to managing the darkness of the script and the dark humor within it, is to just “let the scene flow.”

“Facial expressions and body language speak just as loud as dialogue in these situations,” said Bowman, who also carried an MBA from Franklin University. “Getting close with your cast mates and going over the scene until it flows naturally is how I would balance dark and situational humor.”

“Nellie” begins shooting in March of 2018.

Headshot_Dianna Craig 2016 (2)

Dianna Craig joins the production of the short film, “Nellie,” as its lead in the title role. Nellie is a prison guard who finds herself in a horrific situation and must face her worst fears in order to survive.

“I’m excited by the chance to play a wider range of emotions and by the increased pressure to do justice to Nellie’s story as an actor,” said Craig, who explained the final version of the script, versus the original, gave her a lot to work with as an actor. “The whole story was deepened and expanded, giving Nellie’s arc more depth and a more optimistic conclusion.”

Craig, a self-described “Army brat,” joins the 34-minute short film following a childhood that saw her living in Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Kentucky, before she moved to New York and studied acting as an adult. She spent a decade in the Big Apple before making her way back to Columbus, Ohio, and earning roles in multiple films and commercial projects. Represented by Heyman Talent, Craig is also a screenwriter, who does detailed character histories when preparing for her roles.

“I type out a stream-of-consciousness style history from the character’s childhood up to the events of the film,” said Craig, adding that the dark humor in “Nellie” is a very natural emotion for the characters in this script. “Humor is a valid part of anyone’s reaction to an overwhelmingly dark situation.”

“Nellie” is set to begin production in March of 2018.


Aaron Massey-web

Aaron Massey, a seasoned actor with over a decade of experience, joins the production of the short film, “Nellie,” as its lead, “John,” a prison janitor who stumbles upon a horrific crime and must decide if he will save a life.

“It’s an honor,” said Massey, who plans to tackle the complicated character with a deep dive into what makes him tick. “John is unique in the way that there’s a lot under the surface. He’s complicated and quiet; but courageous in his soul. And that’s a challenge for me, as an actor, to bring that to life and try to find the truth in who he is.”

Massey comes to the film with 10+ years of theater and film experience, including roles in The Haunting of Alice D (Kane Hodder), and Refuge From the Storm (Michael Madsen). Massey also starred in Eleven One’s Production’s 2015 short film, “Olsky,” a festival-accepted, Emmy-nominated 8-minute short.

Massey is based in Columbus, Ohio, and recently wrote, directed, and starred in the short film “BORN,” which was selected into the 2017 Film Festival of Columbus.

Eleven One Productions was thrilled to have Writer/Director Steph Greegor sit down with Framelines TV, operated by Columbus filmmakers Peter John Ross and Scott Spears, and talk the making of “Olsky.”


Take a peek and hear Greegor’s thoughts on being a female filmmaker, as well as a little about the making of her 8-minute short set in the hockey world, titled OlskyYou can view the interview here.

Olsky is the short based on her feature length script, The Third Period, currently in pre-production.

Framelines TV is an Emmy-award winning show that takes a look at local and national filmmakers, as well as offers tutorials on editing, like this one on match cutting. You can keep up with them on Facebook here.

You can check out the Framelines TV website here. They have some quality content coming out of there.


nellie 3

Writer/Director Steph Greegor was featured in Columbus Underground January 2016 for the hockey film, “Olsky.”

The article was written by Hope Madden.

“I want to be one of the people who’s helping Columbus establish itself as a great place to make films.”

So says local filmmaker Steph Greegor, one of the many who believe in making movies in Columbus. She credits the skills and knowledge she collected at her two previous gigs for giving her the tools to write and direct her short film, Olsky, a character study concerning a psychologically damaged hockey player.

Greegor’s five years with The Other Paper – particularly her coverage of the Blue Jackets beat – obviously informed the story, but she says subsequent work at Nationwide allowed her to hone her abilities in project management, which she needed as director.”

You can read the rest of the article HERE.

11902490_709915282448092_1498645903750142837_n (1)“Olsky” lead actor Aaron Massey was featured in SB Nation December 2016 for the hockey film, “Olsky.”

The article was written by Matt Wagner.

“After seeing OLSKY and getting a chance to talk to writer and director Steph Greegor, I was excited to have a chance to ask a few questions to Aaron Massey, the film’s main actor. An Ohio native, he has appeared in several films and TV shows, but had several challenges in taking on the role of Mike Olsky.


So the obvious first question – how intimidating was it to have to not only bulk up for the role, but also learn how to play hockey at the same time?

I didn’t really see it as intimidation, but more so of a challenge. I like to face things head on, and simply put my head down and do whatever needs to be done to fulfill the task at hand, and in this case it was becoming Mike Olsky. We did not have the benefit of months and months of prep or training. I had to utilize the time I had which was just a few weeks to simply learn how to skate. I had never been on the ice before. I come from an athletic background having played college baseball, and football and basketball through high school so I was up for the challenge.”

You can read the rest of the article HERE.

11058615_707369306036023_4161626207903136932_nWriter/Director Steph Greegor was featured in SB Nation December 2016 for the hockey film, “Olsky.”

The article was written by Matt Wagner.

“OLSKY opens with a sharp contrast – the sight of the titular character pulling on his pads and checking his skates, alone in a darkened locker room, while we hear a radio host open the phone lines to allow fans to blast him with both barrels for what he calls “a spectacular fall from grace.”

From that moment, we know this is someone who is at a low point, and it’s not clear to him (or the audience) how – or if – he can find his way back out.”

You can read the rest of the article HERE.