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Nellie is a crime thriller from writer/director Steph Greegor that follows John, a prison guard, who stumbles upon a horrific crime and must decide if he will save a life.

Nellie began as a short story in Greegor’s thriller collection titled Little Book of Horrors, currently in revision. Greegor adapted the short story for film, set for release in 2020, and filmed on location at the former Ohio Reformatory, where Shawshank Redemption was also filmed. Nellie stars Aaron Massey as “John” and Dianna Craig as the title character, “Nellie.”

nellie 4
(Photo by Vital Companies)

With Brian Bowman as the Sheriff and Aaron Sinclair as “Grayson.” See the full cast list HERE.

See what Greegor has to say about the film (Interview by Vital Companies):

Screen Grab

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