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Eleven One Productions is focused on making independent films with compelling stories of the human spirit and its ability to triumph over tragedy. Fictional category interests are sports, romance, crime, female empowerment, drama, and mystery. Nonfiction or documentary interests include cold cases, sports, and human interest.

If you have a script or documentary you’re interested in having produced, feel free to query owner Steph Greegor at DO NOT send an attachment or the script itself. Send a one page query outlining your project, estimated number of shooting days, and proposed budget numbers. If interested, we will request your script for further consideration.

Queries are only accepted via email. Phone calls and snail mail will not be returned or opened.

Are you interested in auditioning for a film role or working as crew on one of our films? Follow Eleven One Productions on Facebook for casting and crew calls or send an email directly to Steph Greegor at