COLUMBUS – “Behind the Puck,”  a podcast featuring interviews and content around the production of the feature film “The Third Period,” including hockey players, as well as cast and crew from the film, is now live and can be heard on YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify.

The podcast, produced by Eleven One Productions and John Orlando of the PVDcast, will feature a new episode every third Thursday of the month. It’s hosted by CD102.5’s morning jockey Brian Phillips and Orlando, with guest hosts and former Columbus Blue Jackets’ players R.J. Umberger and Sean Pronger.

Listen to Episode 0 now, which is an introduction to the podcast and features conversation on hockey, the making of the film, and future episodes.

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_DSC7347COLUMBUS (OH) ~ Former NHL journeyman and Columbus Blue Jacket Sean Pronger has joined the cast and crew of the feature-length film, The Third Period, as one of its NHL Alumni Advisory Board members.

The gritty hockey drama, written and directed by former Fox Sports Ohio reporter Steph Greegor, who covered the Blue Jackets, is tentatively set to film in Columbus, Ohio, the summer of 2019. Len Hartman of Ohio Film Group  is set to produce.

“I find myself drawn to anything hockey-related,” said Pronger, currently living in California and set to join the team in Columbus this weekend, Sept. 13-16, to advise on choreography and hockey culture. “After I read more about the movie, I found myself relating to the story.”

Pronger was an NHL journeyman and played on multiple teams throughout his career from 1995 through 2004, including the Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Rangers, and the Blue Jackets. Upon retirement, Pronger found himself asking questions similar to The Third Period‘s lead character, Mike Olsky, who must overcome multiple challenges to go out on top.

“I certainly had no idea what I was going to do [when I retired],” said Pronger. “It’s a terrifying feeling to be in your mid-thirties, with a family and have no idea what you’re going to do.”

Pronger said he got through the rough transition by trying new things and focusing on his strengths outside of hockey.

“I think the key is to have a solid network of people around you that care about you and can offer some guidance/direction,” said Pronger. “It is not an easy thing to go through for most athletes.”

Lucky for Pronger, his good friend and Canadian sportscaster Dan Murphy, was willing to help him explore his creative side. The two penned Pronger’s unique point of view of the NHL in a book titled Journeyman.

“I think it happened because there was an appetite for a story about a guy chasing his dream and running into a shitload of roadblocks along the way,” said Pronger of a book that started after he penned a blog on his brother’s, Chris Pronger‘s, website and signed off as “Journeyman.”

“What I learned from writing was I really enjoyed the process. Especially for someone who had a career like mine,” said Pronger. “I got to relieve the ups and downs from a safe place, that didn’t resemble the back of a bus.”

Pronger said the scary part for both himself and Murphy was “What will people think?”

“We had no idea how it would be received in the hockey community,” he said. “I had basically opened my kimono to the world. Thankfully, the feedback has been tremendous, especially from people in the hockey world.”

The Third Period has also taken pains to ensure authenticity in the film by bringing on former NHL-ers who can advise on skating and culture within the film.

Joining Pronger in an advisory role is former Columbus Blue Jacket and Philadelphia Flyer R.J. Umberger.

Former Ohio State University hockey players Chris Olsgard and Alex Lippincott will join the movie as skaters and be part of more than 100 hockey players who will hit the ice for the film, portraying up to eight pro hockey teams for the two-hour character drama set in the world of ice hockey.

Filming of the hockey scenes is tentatively set for Nationwide Arena, where Pronger played, and is set to put an eye on the hockey scene in Columbus.

“I think it’s about time C-town gets recognized for the passion the community brings to the game of hockey,” said Pronger, adding making hockey movies goes beyond any city, though ~ it’s making the movie that counts. “It’s important because it helps grow the best sport in the world. The more people we can expose to this great game, the better.”

That includes women. The Third Period will be the first feature-length hockey film in U.S. history to be written and directed by a woman. An historical bent that Pronger agrees is important to the sport and to film.

“I think it’s amazing that this film is written and directed by a woman. It brings to light the passion, knowledge and understanding of this great game that women have,” he said. “My hope is that more women will embrace the historical nature of this film and become fans of this movie and the game.”

So, is Pronger nervous about his advising role and his…acting role? Yep, Pronger will have a role in the movie.

“I wouldn’t say it’s my first time acting; I spent 11 years trying to act like a hockey player,” laughed Pronger of his journeyman career in the NHL. “I’m looking forward to seeing how it translates on film. I’m nervous about making sure it looks authentic.”

The three lead actors and Umberger will join Pronger in Columbus this weekend, Sept. 13-16, for rehearsals and volunteer work with the production’s charities.

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Headshot - Olsgard

COLUMBUS (OH) ~ A pair of former Ohio State University hockey players, winger Chris Olsgard and forward Alex Lippincott, join the cast of the feature-length film, THE THIRD PERIOD, as team members of the fictional pro hockey squad the “Columbus Thunder.”

The gritty hockey drama, written and directed by former Fox Sports Ohio reporter Steph Greegor, is tentatively set to film in Columbus, Ohio, the summer of 2019.

“I was drawn to this film for several reasons, but more than anything, I am really excited just to be a part of a legitimate hockey movie,” said Olsgard, who played for the USHL’s Sioux City Musketeers from 1998-2000 before joining the Buckeyes from 2000-2004. “The fact we are filming in my adopted hometown of Columbus, is just icing on the cake.”

Alex Lippincott
Alex Lippincott

Joining Olsgard is his friend and former OSU player, Lippincott, who played for the NAHL’s Mahoning Valley Phantoms from 2008-09; the USHL’s Fargo Force from 2009-10; and then joined the Buckeyes from 2010-14.

“I was drawn to this film because anything having to do with hockey, I am all-in, especially when it takes place in Ohio or the Columbus area,” said Lippincott. “I love seeing hockey grow in this area and would like to be part of making that growth happen.”

Olsgard and Lippincott will be two of what will be close to 100 hockey players that will hit the ice for the film, portraying up to eight pro hockey teams for the two-hour character drama set in the world of ice hockey.

“I’ve lived here for the past 18 years and I can’t think of a city that will be more supportive of a hockey film,” said Olsgard, adding that the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets have certainly had an impact on area interest in the sport. “Interest in the local youth hockey programs is at an all-time high and Columbus is starting to produce legitimate NHL talent right now. ”

That, combined with the uptick in films being made in Central Ohio, makes the capital city a prime spot for filming a hockey movie.

“There are many movies in the sports genre that have inspired and motivated me,” said Olsgard. “I really hope this will do the same for others.”

The film follows aging hockey star Mike Olsky as he reaches the end of his career only to get injured. He faces multiple challenges before confronting the ultimate crux of bringing his team together and trying to win the championship.

“Growing the game is a big thing in Columbus right now,” said Lippincott. “A film like this taking place in our backyard only helps that cause. It also helps get the ‘Columbus as a hockey city’ name out there.”

So what are these two former hockey players looking forward to most with the film?

“I am just really excited to see the production side of the movie business,” said Olsgard, who laughed, “I’ve got absolutely no formal training so I am a bit nervous. But at the end of the day we’re all just hockey players playing hockey in front of the cameras.”

Lippincott agreed.

“Seeing how a feature length movie is shot; what types of steps are taken to piece it together,” is what he’s looking forward to. Oh yeah, and “playing a little hockey while on camera.”

“There is nothing better than the camaraderie on the ice and in the locker room,” said Olsgard. “I’m really looking forward to reliving that a bit.”

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Tyler Evans, l, as “Cots,” and Eric Toulouse as “Chary” in the feature-length film, THE THIRD PERIOD.


COLUMBUS (OH) ~ Actors, and hockey players, Tyler Evans and Eric Toulouse, join THE THIRD PERIOD feature-length film cast as “Cots” and “Chary,” respectively, teammates of lead Mike Olsky and the comedy relief in this gritty hockey drama set to film in Columbus, Ohio, the summer of 2019.

“I think this film will help bring positive attention, in my opinion to one of the best sports in the world,” said Toulouse, who grew up in Canada, where hockey was a way of life. “This is a sport that requires the players to have the hand eye coordination of a baseball player, the physicality of a football game, foot skills of a soccer player, the hands of a boxer, and who could forget the speed which is unmatched by any other sport. All this on ice.”

Plus, as a current Ohioan, it gives Toulouse one other opportunity: “I am proud to show how great of a hockey town Columbus really is.”

The film follows aging hockey star Mike Olsky as he reaches the end of his career only to get injured. He faces multiple challenges before facing the ultimate challenge of bringing his team together and trying to win the championship.

“This shows more off-the-ice problems, which get overlooked by the average fan or young athlete,” said Evans. “It shows how the athlete is still a human and has to deal with life in general.”

It also looks at the game of ice hockey itself, interspersing off-the-ice scenes with on-the-ice scenes and telling the story through game and competition ~ a huge draw for Toulouse.

“I immediately knew I had to try to be part of it,” he said. “Getting a chance to get on the ice with a great cast and some great former NHL players, was an opportunity that I could not let pass me by.”

Evans and Toulouse were just two of 35 actors and actresses invited to audition for the film in May 2018 in Columbus. The audition encompassed both an in-person acting audition and then an on-ice audition.

“I thought it was by far the best experience I have had thus far in my acting career,” said Evans. “Just being able to meet the actors, creators, and producers was great. To play with everyone on the ice and get to feel like a team helped with connections on and off the ice making it easier to become a character and feel the project versus just reading lines; it shows the true you and how you fit.”

It was also an opportunity for those who dreamt of playing in the NHL to get tips from the pros.

“Being able to not only talk with former NHL players but also get on the ice with them was an awesome experience,” said Toulouse. “Getting the opportunity to pick their brain and get a few much-needed tips, is an experience that I never dreamed could happen as a kid or an adult.”

Toulouse said he’s also excited to be part of something historic, as THE THIRD PERIOD will be the first feature-length film in U.S. history to be written and directed by a woman, former Columbus Blue Jackets reporter and award-winning writer Steph Greegor.

“I think it’s great for a couple reasons: One, I get to be part of something that’s never been done,” said Toulouse. “Second, I think that our director Steph Greegor has a great understanding of the game and its players. She also has done a great job surrounding herself with great hockey minds, and I can’t wait to see her vision on screen.”

But mostly, Toulouse is ready to get on the ice with his fellow “Bash Brother,” and sink into his role as Chary, as he and Evans provide some “comic relief” to the gritty drama. Evans couldn’t agree more.

“I love being the loud mouth! Trying to get people motivated and get people going. I always am trying to bring the energy to the highest point I can,” said Evans of his role. “The overall casting was exciting to see for me as I grew up a HUGE hockey fan. I always wanted to play in the NHL one day; as I grew older and my interests were more in acting and my hockey skills were not as advanced as most kids in the sport, I decided to play for the love of the game and focus on acting.”

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The Third Period is the first feature-length hockey film in U.S. history to be written, produced and directed by a woman – former Fox Sports Ohio writer Steph Greegor


Myles Clohessy as “Teddy Hendrix”



COLUMBUS, OH (MAY 7, 2018) – Eleven One Productions has selected former athlete Myles Clohessy to join the gritty, feature-length ice hockey drama, The Third Period, set to be filmed in Columbus, Ohio, beginning June 2019.

The Third Period writer and director Steph Greegor has selected up-and-coming New York actor and Quantico cast member Myles Clohessy, a former Division 1 athlete, who played ice hockey for two years, as the hot shot superstar “Teddy Hendrix.”

“I think it’s incredibly important that real hockey players are in this film,” Greegor said. “Hockey fans are very particular about what they see on film. They know when it’s real and they know when you’re faking it. So, there’s no faking here. We have legit players, who also have entertainment experience.”

Clohessy is a former Division I soccer player for Central Connecticut State University, who also played a couple years of hockey and is now training with a pro hockey coach.

“I got some of the skating genes from my mom (figure skater Catherine Erhardt)…so I grew up skating a lot,” said Clohessy. “Hockey is a sport that I’ve always loved. It’s exciting that I’m getting back into it. This is a skill set that takes immense dedication, and that’s something that I look forward to honing and perfecting to the best of my ability before we start shooting.”

For Clohessy acting is a family business. He grew up going to set with his father, actor Robert Clohessy (Blue Bloods, The Avengers). Clohessy attended the Purchase Conservatory of Acting in NY, played prime time T.V. guest star roles as well as and is a current Wilhelmina model. You can spot him on the hit T.V. show Quantico during the second half of this season.

“I’m really excited for Steph. I know Steph loves hockey, and I think it will give it a better perspective other than all of the male-centric sports films that have come out,” said Clohessy, who was especially impressed with The Third Period’s script, also written by Greegor. “I think Steph has a really great script here that’s really character-driven and isn’t just about sports, but how through sports you can overcome the hardest struggles in life. I think that’s something that’s really unique about the script that I’m excited to delve into.”

The Third Period is the first feature-length hockey film in U.S. history to be written, produced and directed by a woman – former Fox Sports Ohio writer and on-air Blue Jackets Live guest Steph Greegor. Following a lifelong, award-winning journalism career and five seasons covering the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets, Greegor began writing and producing films. Her short film “Olsky,” the short proof-of-concept for The Third Period was Emmy-nominated and festival-accepted.

“I was going through something similar to the main character, Mike Olsky, while I was covering hockey and it absolutely inspired me to write this script,” Greegor said. “Ice hockey is a beautiful sport; precise, fast, and tough. And I wanted to capture that in film. Particularly at a time when the hockey fan base is growing, especially among women and kids. It’s exciting for me, as a woman, to be one of the first helming such a male-dominated arena.”

The Third Period will be produced by Len Hartman, an award-winning screenwriter and film producer who worked on projects including Free State of Jones, a Civil War era historical drama starring Matthew McConaughey. Ohio Film Group will provide post-production services.

The Third Period is set to be filmed in Columbus from June 3 through July 14 of 2019.

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