COLUMBUS – Eleven One Productions is thrilled to have Columbus’ R Bar and Three-Legged Mare join its feature-length film production of THE THIRD PERIOD as its “Official Bar & Restaurant” partner.

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R Bar and The Three-Legged Mare are located across from Nationwide Arena in downtown Columbus where THE THIRD PERIOD will commence production during the summer of 2019 with release set for 2020. The character drama is centered in the world of ice hockey and follows an aging hockey star who must battle back after injury to win big in the third period of his life.

The film is being produced by Ohio Film Group and Eleven One Productions.

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CASTING IS NOW CLOSED except for hockey players interested in being extras or stunt men in the film. Hockey players can submit as noted below:

Directions for Submitting:

Email to submit:

Subject line of Email: The Third Period | Hockey Player

Body of Email: Include your hockey experience


An aging hockey star must battle his way back from injury and addiction to win big in the third period of his life.

23899079_10156254224493968_1603193712_nEleven One Productions is pleased to welcome Shannon Watts to the production of “Revenge Inc.” as the secretary. Shannon was drawn to the role because of the female focus, both in writing and direction. The script was written by Dianna Craig and will be produced/directed by Steph Greegor.

“I was very interested in this script, being female-written and directed,” said Watts. “There seems to be a more raw and honest creativity in this script than what I’ve seen before.”

Watts, who’s known for her work both in front of and behind the camera, said she’s drawn to her character’s pragmatic side, adding, “it mirrors my own personality somewhat.”

“I love that my character is all business, no nonsense,” said Watts. “Truthfully, all of the characters in the story are very strong in their own way.”

Watts won’t give away any spoilers about the script, but she did say, “The story is fantastic.”

Production begins in the spring of 2018.

Ian Short Headshot
Ian Short

Eleven One Productions is thrilled to have the talented Ian Short, a founding company member of Available Light Theatre and performer with BalletMet, CATCO, Gallery Players among others, join the cast of “Revenge, Inc.” as the short film’s antagonist, Martin.

“I enjoyed the script when I read it,” said Short of the 10-minute thriller. “I think Dianna Craig is a talented actress, so it would be great to work with her.”
Craig write the short film, which was purchased by Eleven One in the fall of 2017 and set for production in March of 2018. Craig will also star opposite Short.
“I’m most drawn to (my character’s) vulnerability, even as he proceeds with a laser focus to accomplish his goals,” said Short, who uses his own laser focus to prepare for roles. “I will do paperwork about the character and look at his objectives, his obstacles and how he attempts to overcome those obstacles.”
The obstacles and unique viewpoint of the character are what drew Short to the project.
“It’s the unique premise as well as the twists and turns that spin out of that premise,” said Short, whose television and film credits include Reverend Stevens in the Hallmark Film “The Christmas Spirit” and the principal role of Sam Thorn in the action film “Chain of Command.” “That (my character) is a contradiction in many ways. He is not what he seems to be, but he is also exactly who he says he is.”
See the rest of the cast HERE.

Headshot_Dianna Craig 2016 (2)Columbus-based actress and writer Dianna Craig will star in the short film, “Revenge, Inc.,” produced by local company Eleven One Productions. Craig wrote the short, which was purchased by Eleven One in the fall of 2017.

“I started writing this script with a role for myself, so that I wasn’t just sitting around and waiting for other work to fall in my lap,” said Craig, a seasoned actress represented by CAM Talent Agency. “What interests me about this character is how we persist in circumstances that feel overwhelmingly negative. Whether it’s guilt or regret because of past actions, frustrations with current events, or friction within an unsatisfying job situation, there are a lot of ways to be overwhelmed but nevertheless, we persist.”

That persistence in the face of emotional dissatisfaction creates an irony that Craig was drawn to writing, and now portraying, saying “The pain of her regret versus the fact that she works in a business that helps other people ease their own pain, without really seeing how to help herself” is what drew her in.
Craig said the notion of this film being interpreted as an alternate reality or “as a glimpse at our totally real and not-too-distant future,” is what she finds most interesting about the script. As for the character, Dianna is drawn to how “she decides to take responsibility and accept punishment, in a way and within a system that she understands.”
Filming begins in 2018.