Introducing Brett Hunt in “Nellie”

BrettHunt (1)


Introducing Columbus-based Brett Hunt in his first role as the guard, “Barrett,” who investigates a suspicious incident during “Nellie.”

“With this being my first role as an actor, I believe it was a perfect fit for me,” said Hunt. “My character is raw and impressionable, has that ‘new to the job’ feel as if he recently joined this (jail). He wants to do his job and do it the right way, but  he also knows where he is and the history of the world he now lives in. And in some places, the world doesn’t always work the way it should. He’s a character that we meet at his most impressionable moment and we get to learn which direction his moral compass points.”

Hunt said the script is what drew him into the role, as well as the depth of the characters.

“As I try to write my own scripts, I’ve developed such an admiration for great shorts that can tell a complete story, and this is one of those,” said Hunt. “In the limited pages and time, you are able to get a real sense that you’ve been with the main characters, in this world, and can easily envision life for them before the events of this story. To have that connection and then experience the events of this story with them is so much fun. The opportunity to be involved with a writer/director who is able to accomplish that is an honor, a blessing, and a great way to start acting.”

Hunt said understanding the morality of his character and why he makes choices the way he does will be integral to playing Barrett well.

“He knows how to do his job. He knows right from wrong. But he also knows that he’s ‘not in Kansas anymore’ and that things aren’t necessarily by the book in this town,” said Hunt. “What he does with that ultimately shapes who this guy is.”

All the characters are uniquely positioned to grow in this short film and they use humor within the darkness to do so. It’s a natural caveat of this particular world, said Hunt, who said he believes the lightness adds to the film.

“I believe it is all in the truth of the character and the world they live in. Knowing (my) character, the world (he’s) lived in, and the experiences in life ultimately help and allow you to play to the humor in situations where society would cringe,” said Hunt. “To the characters in this world though, these situations are ‘just another day’ or maybe just a funny way of life sorting itself out.”

“Nellie” begins production in March 2018.

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