Local Filmmaker Nabs Festival Selections with Hockey Short

nellie 3

Writer/Director Steph Greegor was featured in Columbus Underground January 2016 for the hockey film, “Olsky.”

The article was written by Hope Madden.

“I want to be one of the people who’s helping Columbus establish itself as a great place to make films.”

So says local filmmaker Steph Greegor, one of the many who believe in making movies in Columbus. She credits the skills and knowledge she collected at her two previous gigs for giving her the tools to write and direct her short film, Olsky, a character study concerning a psychologically damaged hockey player.

Greegor’s five years with The Other Paper – particularly her coverage of the Blue Jackets beat – obviously informed the story, but she says subsequent work at Nationwide allowed her to hone her abilities in project management, which she needed as director.”

You can read the rest of the article HERE.

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