Aaron Massey set to star in the short film, “Nellie”

Aaron Massey-web

Aaron Massey, a seasoned actor with over a decade of experience, joins the production of the short film, “Nellie,” as its lead, “John,” a prison janitor who stumbles upon a horrific crime and must decide if he will save a life.

“It’s an honor,” said Massey, who plans to tackle the complicated character with a deep dive into what makes him tick. “John is unique in the way that there’s a lot under the surface. He’s complicated and quiet; but courageous in his soul. And that’s a challenge for me, as an actor, to bring that to life and try to find the truth in who he is.”

Massey comes to the film with 10+ years of theater and film experience, including roles in The Haunting of Alice D (Kane Hodder), and Refuge From the Storm (Michael Madsen). Massey also starred in Eleven One’s Production’s 2015 short film, “Olsky,” a festival-accepted, Emmy-nominated 8-minute short.

Massey is based in Columbus, Ohio, and recently wrote, directed, and starred in the short film “BORN,” which was selected into the 2017 Film Festival of Columbus.

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