Eleven One acquires its first script from local writer

Dianna Craig
Dianna Craig, shown here in promotional photos for Eleven One Productions’ upcoming short film, “Nellie,” sold her first script to EOP this month. It was also the first script acquisition for Eleven One.

COLUMBUS ~ Eleven One Productions is pleased to announce its first script acquisition from Dianna Craig, a Columbus-based actress and screenwriter, who spent a decade in New York City before making her way to Columbus.

“Revenge Inc.,” is Craig’s first script sale. The short script, a suspense, will begin production in early 2018. Eleven One Productions owner and director Steph Greegor will helm the film.

“I’ve gotten to know Steph through work on other projects, to the point that I trusted her enough to share the script,” said Craig. “Her creative vision for the project was very much in line with my own…I felt the story was ‘safe’ with her.”

The short film, which examines the “volatile, payback culture” we live in, will feature Craig in its lead role.

“I originally wrote the script as a vehicle for myself as an actress, so the biggest key contract point was that I would be cast in the lead role,” said Craig, who, as a female screenwriter, continues to create work for herself as an actor. “As a FEMALE screenwriter, based on what I’m making me do and say, I’m way more angry than I ever realized, about how difficult it can be for women to safely navigate their own lives.”

“Revenge” looks to answer questions such as “What do we deserve when we make mistakes? And what counts as a redeemable mistake versus intentional damaging behavior?” said Craig. “I’m proud of the concept and the execution of it. I worked hard on this script, went through multiple drafts, and finally arrived at a finished product I’m excited to share.”

Craig is a self-described “Army brat,” whose childhood saw her living in Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, and Kentucky, before she moved to New York and studied acting as an adult. She has earned roles in multiple films and commercial projects and is represented by Heyman Talent. Craig is currently polishing two feature-length scripts and will star in Eleven One’s upcoming short film, “Nellie.”

Eleven One Productions is based in Columbus, Ohio, and has produced two short films with two films in production. The short film “Olsky,” directed by Greegor, is a festival-accepted, Emmy-nominated, short starring Aaron Massey. Learn more at www.elevenoneproductions.com.


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